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New Release: Andersen’s Fairy Tales Ebook

Andersen’s Fairy Tales Ebook
by Hans Christian Andersen

1. Auto bookmarks the last read position
2. Keeps position in each chapter
3. Full screen mode from MENU



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  1. June 3, 2011 at 11:10 am

    This is fabulous:) I’m a huge fan of the classic Anderson’s fairy tales. The great thing about the classics is that many creative minds have recreated them, often with a more contemporary spin! I recently discovered a children’s music entertainer in NYC doing just that. Melissa Levis, NYC’s #1 Mommy Rocker, has a new DVD coming out in July called Happily Ever Moey! It takes classic tales and gives them an empowering, educational, and entertaining spin.

    In Happily Ever Moey! A Fairy Tale Lark in Central Park, Central Park is the enchanted forest where 15 beloved fairy tales come to life as colorful, fun, rocking songs featuring 65 New York City children. The music videos offer modern-day twists on classic tales by Aesop, the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. “The Three Bears” becomes a parable about protecting the environment; “Little Red Riding Hood” rescues herself with a judo kick; and the true princess in “The Princess in the Pea” donates her 20 mattresses to the homeless, preferring to sleep on a king-size futon.

    More info is at

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